Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Humpty

Back in 1974 Zippy and I hitch-hiked to Ohio and stayed at the campground at Lake St. Mary's, in St. Mary's Ohio.

We were tired but hung out with some locals who would pitch a tent on Friday night, bring a case of beer and party. Various girls and guys would visit and drink some brews. However, you could only have 3.2% beer at a State campground, so they would put 6% beer on the bottom of the cooler and the 3.2% on top in case the Sherriff came by.

Zip and I were hungry and wanted a good meal. We asked the locals for a suggestion. They had been talking about transmissions and 2 by 4's and such, but then went into a long discussion on where to eat. Finally, they arrived at two choices, and said one had "hotter" waitresses. Zippy and I opted for that, and before we knew it we were in this guys cherry 1968 orange Chevy Mailbu zooming down the road.

Much to our delight, he dropped us off at the "Happy Humpty". It was like a glorified truck stop, and had a neon sign of an animated smiling egg falling off a wall, but the smile would turn into a frown when he hit bottom.

The "hot" waitresses were 16 year old girls. On top of that the food was very mediocre.