Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I used to travel to San Antonio to do software business with the Air Force. Since we "worked for" the government we had a per diem for our rent a car charges.

I was traveling with a woman co-worker, and when we got to the San Antonio rent-a-car agency I asked what I could get for my 34.99 a day allotment. The agent said I could get a Pontiac Starbird or some such crate. I saw that they had a big, powder blue Fleetwood Brougham in the lot, and I said, "how much?". The agent replied "39.99". Well, my co-worker and I could pool our per diem, so we grabbed the Caddy and let me tell you: in Texas a big, baby blue Fleetwood gets you respect.

We had heard from an Air Force employee that there was some good BBQ on the edge of town, "Bob's". So that evening I had two women (co-worker and Air Force lady) in my Caddy and off to Bob's we went. They didn't sell beer but you could bring your own, so the Texas lady brought a six-pack of Lone Star.

As I pulled up to Bob's he was leaning against the outside of his diner, drinking iced-tea. When he saw me roll up with two women in a Fleetwood, he just smiled.

We ate great BBQ, drank a couple of beers (which the Texas lady somehow popped off the caps with her teeth...), and talked politics and everything else with Bob. He said he worked 6 and a half days a week and was tired. I suggested he take a few days off and have his brother run the show.

To which he replied, "My brother is a good man, but he's not a bid'nes man."

Monday, November 21, 2005

No Class

One day I was in a Mervyn's at the check out counter. A guy and his girlfriend were trying to return 2 pair of new Levi's -- no receipt, no tags, not even a bag.

The cashier said that they would have to issue a refund via mail. The guy said that this would be unacceptable as he wanted cash, now -- and asked to speak to the supervisor. She said, "I am the supervisor."

He then said to her, "Well, I don't think you have too much class."

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cat Love

Animals many times are less complicated than people (and usually have more common sense). I moved into a house once where I "inherited" a cat. The cat showed up one day out of the blue and the previous tenant started feeding him and he never left.

When I moved in I was a bit wary of him, as he had a piece bitten out of one ear, had one eye that looked crooked, and was Siamese -- not my favorite.

But, I kept my word and would feed this guy twice a day. After a bit I would put the food bowl just inside the door and leave him be. He would step inside and eat, then leave. After a while I could bring the food bowl inside about 6 feet. I couldn't close the door and take away his "out", else he would freak out.

After a few weeks of this I could close the door, he would come in and walk around (meowing all the time like he was pissed), and even lay down and sleep, on occasion.

A cat that I was not even going to pet let me pick him up.

I don't think he will ever be a "lap cat", as he has too much emotional baggage, but we became a lot closer than I had thought, and I guess I was glad that I was able to make his life a little nicer.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Basketball #2

There are a couple of "brothers", who are brothers. The go by monikers "Big" and "Chill". I don't know what their real names are.

They're pretty big guys, in their 40s, and are pretty good ball players. But no one likes them because like many "big men" they are rather abusive in their style of play AND they like to call a lot of cheap fouls.

One Winter morning at about 8:30 we were getting ready to play. "Big" was ready, standing there sipping on a 16 oz. can of beer. When I looked at his beverage of choice he said, "I know it's early yet, but damn, I was thirsty!"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bus Stop Lady

Once in San Francisco I was waiting for the bus, and a lady in her 60s was sitting there, just smoking a cigarette. She told me she wasn't waiting for the bus but did enjoy sitting there relaxing, watching people and cars go by.

As we talked she told me how she would like to travel about more, but couldn't afford to. Sometimes she would go to Oakland, or even Sacramento, just for the day.

She said that when she was younger she was married to a wonderful husband who had a job and bought them a small but nice house. She didn't have to work. But apparently she strayed and took up with some guy for the thrill of it, but it didn't last. Her husband wouldn't take her back and it seemed like her life took a completely different tack -- and here she was, still regretting the decision she made those many years ago.

Should he have given her another chance and forgiven her? Should she have bounced back anyways and not become a lonely woman who drank too much and spent her idle hours sitting at a bus stop?

I think my opinion is that yes, the husband should have forgiven her, and yes, she should have forgiven herself.

Forgiveness seems to be one of those least-selfish qualities, and one that can turn the course of lives.