Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I used to travel to San Antonio to do software business with the Air Force. Since we "worked for" the government we had a per diem for our rent a car charges.

I was traveling with a woman co-worker, and when we got to the San Antonio rent-a-car agency I asked what I could get for my 34.99 a day allotment. The agent said I could get a Pontiac Starbird or some such crate. I saw that they had a big, powder blue Fleetwood Brougham in the lot, and I said, "how much?". The agent replied "39.99". Well, my co-worker and I could pool our per diem, so we grabbed the Caddy and let me tell you: in Texas a big, baby blue Fleetwood gets you respect.

We had heard from an Air Force employee that there was some good BBQ on the edge of town, "Bob's". So that evening I had two women (co-worker and Air Force lady) in my Caddy and off to Bob's we went. They didn't sell beer but you could bring your own, so the Texas lady brought a six-pack of Lone Star.

As I pulled up to Bob's he was leaning against the outside of his diner, drinking iced-tea. When he saw me roll up with two women in a Fleetwood, he just smiled.

We ate great BBQ, drank a couple of beers (which the Texas lady somehow popped off the caps with her teeth...), and talked politics and everything else with Bob. He said he worked 6 and a half days a week and was tired. I suggested he take a few days off and have his brother run the show.

To which he replied, "My brother is a good man, but he's not a bid'nes man."