Monday, September 19, 2005


When I worked in Berkeley at a body shop sometimes we need the services of a "detail" man, who could really make a car look good. Just such a place was "Johnny One Stop". Johnny was a soul brother with a white wife and two of the cutest boys, ages 3 and 4. They had dark blonde 'fros and were named Uriah and Boogie.

One time I had to drop off a car at Johnny's. Johnny was sporting a 'do-rag and he asked his wife to run me back to my shop. So, the boys in the back, me riding shotgun.

On the way, the 4 year-old had a piece of rope and was doing knots. He said to the younger, "I be tyin' this rope in knots all the time."

The littlest said (in a high pitched voice) "I heard that!".

Saturday, September 17, 2005

PC is bad

"Political correctness is a term promoted by the National Review and its affiliated college newspapers in the 1980s to refer to the alteration of language to redress perceived injustices and discrimination or to avoid offense."

Whatever. My definition: Mind control.

Used to be we could have opinions and that was OK: I don't like smoking. I dislike alcoholism. I think homosexuality is wrong. I think husbands who stay out late and drink, come home and yell at the wife and kids should have their a**es kicked. I think it's a crime we sell junk food in schools. I don't think we should print motor vehicle publications in any language except English, etc.

If I said some of these at work I could be fired. Why? Where's my freedom of speech? "Avoid offense"? People offend me every day. Who's standing up for this white-boy?

You can be a pedophile, but don't be a smoker because that's a really nasty habit.

To what degree are you part of the Matrix?

Citizens Rise Up #1

Only occasionally I will write a 'political' post, which is odd because I am highly opinionated about politics, government, and sleaze-balls who wield power over me.

You are either slow on the uptake (SOTU) or just uninformed if you did not recognize years ago that China was being made into a slave-labor "camp". Stuff is made and it floods our stores. US corporations like this, as they save money. US jobs are lost and your grandma works at Wal-Mart.

Executed Chinese prisoners' lips are made into cosmetics, much like the Nazi concentration camp dead were used as "fuel" for the Third Reich.

Perhaps only a few care, else we would not do business with China, and we would forbid US corporations to sell products made over there over here.

I'm not against the Chinese people, just governments that control its populace by stomping on people's individual rights. Communism makes it easier, but our government is catching up fast in the name of "it's dangerous out there, so trade in your Bill of Rights and we will take good care of you." Before you know it we will be another England.

If anyone really cared they would replace at least 50% of Congress next election, simply by voting for ONE sane candidate, such as a Boy Scout troop leader or a mother who successfully raised 3 kids on her own. And if they sold out, throw their butts out after a term or two.

And you are slow to grasp reality (STGR) or uninformed if you think that it's Republican vs. Democrat. A good choice may be from one or the other, but the Left vs. Right "debate" is just there to keep you arguing over Chardonnay and Brie.

The real test is do they uphold the Constitution? Do they do things that put America first? If not, out of office they should go.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Basketball #1

On Saturdays I like to play basketball at the local park, and the crowd includes noteworthy professional people such as myself, "gangtas", and all other sorts.

There are a number of the "brothers" who are regulars, and I get along with them very well. One guy, known as "D", brought his iPod, plugged into a boom-box like device, so we could play ball to his tunes. Some of the other "brothers" weren't too keen on his choice of "rap", and were giving him a hard time.

While a "Will Smith" song was playing, "D" was getting razzed. "D" simply said, "Will has something to say, so you better 'recognize'".

There's another brother named "Mario", to whom I said, "I lost track of who the rappers were back in the day of 'Heavy D'." This isn't really true, but I thought it would get a reaction. They all laughed at me and said "That was hip-hop, not rap. Well, maybe way back then it was considered rap."

I told Mario, "Heavy D, for a big man, had some moves." Mario replied, "Those were the orginal Windsor-Pilates."

That statement caught me completely off-guard. All I could do was laugh.