Saturday, September 17, 2005

PC is bad

"Political correctness is a term promoted by the National Review and its affiliated college newspapers in the 1980s to refer to the alteration of language to redress perceived injustices and discrimination or to avoid offense."

Whatever. My definition: Mind control.

Used to be we could have opinions and that was OK: I don't like smoking. I dislike alcoholism. I think homosexuality is wrong. I think husbands who stay out late and drink, come home and yell at the wife and kids should have their a**es kicked. I think it's a crime we sell junk food in schools. I don't think we should print motor vehicle publications in any language except English, etc.

If I said some of these at work I could be fired. Why? Where's my freedom of speech? "Avoid offense"? People offend me every day. Who's standing up for this white-boy?

You can be a pedophile, but don't be a smoker because that's a really nasty habit.

To what degree are you part of the Matrix?