Sunday, September 04, 2005

Basketball #1

On Saturdays I like to play basketball at the local park, and the crowd includes noteworthy professional people such as myself, "gangtas", and all other sorts.

There are a number of the "brothers" who are regulars, and I get along with them very well. One guy, known as "D", brought his iPod, plugged into a boom-box like device, so we could play ball to his tunes. Some of the other "brothers" weren't too keen on his choice of "rap", and were giving him a hard time.

While a "Will Smith" song was playing, "D" was getting razzed. "D" simply said, "Will has something to say, so you better 'recognize'".

There's another brother named "Mario", to whom I said, "I lost track of who the rappers were back in the day of 'Heavy D'." This isn't really true, but I thought it would get a reaction. They all laughed at me and said "That was hip-hop, not rap. Well, maybe way back then it was considered rap."

I told Mario, "Heavy D, for a big man, had some moves." Mario replied, "Those were the orginal Windsor-Pilates."

That statement caught me completely off-guard. All I could do was laugh.