Monday, August 01, 2005


One of the most challenging hurdles was obtaining a large duffel bag in which to put boogie boards, snorkels, mask, etc. I had a wonderully made one, just the right size, but my son found a greater need for it.

So, after going to Costo, Target, REI, Any Mountain, K-Mart, SportMart, Walmart, and I-don't-know-what-else-Mart, I went to Bonanza, in East Oakland.

Several lifetime's ago I was an auto-painter at 39th Ave./E. 14th (which for some reason is now "International Ave.". Bonanza is this fine surplus store, and the last time I was there was 1973. It is still there, same owner.

Across the street was a small (I think it was his kitchen) Mexican restuarant -- Otaez. Used to sell me food off his stove -- after I looked at what he was cooking. Now it is a major eating establishment, many times larger. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go in and eat, but I will!

Oh yes, Bonanza had the duffel (although not as nice as my old Jansport) that was big enough.