Thursday, August 04, 2005


One of the pleasant changes to Hawaii, at least to the cove next to where I stay, has been the increase in the turtle population. These gentle creatures swim the cove early in the morning, and during the day can usually be found resting between some rocks on the bottom. They range from a little over 2 feet to well over 4 feet, front shell tip to back.

A few have "barnacles" growing on them. There is some discussion as to the their cause -- pesticides, other impurities in the water, etc. I've read that in some parts of the world institutions pull the turtle out and surgically remove them. Why do some turtles have them others do not? They're not like humans, who can decide to spend their lives eating junk food and then wonder why they have a cholestoral of 300. Turtles have no bad food choices. Or do they? Is there turtle junk food?