Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A PC Wino

Made a trip to Seattle once for business and was able to take my wife. We had dinner in a basement Italian restaurant. My tortellini was 'ok' -- it had kind of a lamb sauce. I would have sent it back but the chef was hanging around our table shooting the breeze, so I nibbled and got it wrapped to take home.

Before we left a large guy shows up with a violin and plays. He played a couple of tunes by our table so I slipped him a couple of ones in gratitude. He looked at the money and said, "I spit on this money, I play for the love of it", and then tucked the bills away while he went on to the next table.

On the way back to the hotel we found a wine shop, so I parked in the alley in back (lots of alleys in Seattle). A wino kind of homeless looking dude was shuffling along, so I said, "Do you want some tortellini?". He said, "Hey man, I'm vegetarian!".

I always wondered how he knew it wasn't cheese tortellini.