Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Zippy" #2

Around 1980 or so Zippy was in the market for a car. His budget was around $400, and he ended up purchasing an old Toyota Corona, faded red with gray primer everywhere, from a Jehovah's Witness. Zip affectionately dubbed his new car the "Millenium Falcon".

Zippy had this habit of driving around and eating fresh vegetables and fruit, and then depositing apple cores, carrots, and who knows what else in the back seat area, which over time filled up. In the early '80s California had the Med-fly "crisis", which then Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown eventually got around to handling by spraying neighborhoods with Malathion from helicopters. I always felt that Zippy's car may have contributed to the Med-fly problem, with the rotting vegetable matter and what-not.

He eventually decided to upgrade his vehicle, and so put the "MF" on the market. His ad included the phrase "must see to believe". The phone rang off the hook and he sold it for $375 with a clutch that slipped.

To top it off, the new owner called a few days later and thanked Zippy for selling the vehicle to him.