Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

This being a time for resolutions, one of mine is to (beginning with next Christmas) use the word "Christmas" rather than "xmas".

Why? Well, I started using "xmas" for December 25 because that date was not the date of Christ's birth. It was in September (the 11th to be more precise). December 25 was basically the result of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church bringing the pagans of their realm into the fold. So, they took the feast of Saturnalia and labeled it "Christmas".

This was similarly done with Easter, which is nothing more than the word "Ashtoreth", who was the pagan goddess of fertility. Did you ever wonder what bunnies and eggs had to do with anything?

At any rate, a US Navy Chaplain is being fired because he insisted on praying "in Jesus' name". Really, is should be "in the name of Jesus Christ", but I will not digress. The government has been pushing hard to have things changed from "Christmas" to "Happy Holidays" in order to get rid of the word "Christ". However, when Homeland Security Commissar Michael Chertoff lighted a Chanukah Menorah, nobody suggested that it be called a "Holiday Candle."

So, even though December is not the right date, I will start using "Christmas" again instead of "xmas" or "Happy Holiday", because if I don't fight back one thought at a time I will end up using words like "Homeland" and "Commissar", instead of "United States" and "country", and will start believing that what the politicians say rather than the US Constitution says to be the law of the land.