Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Falling down

There was a few years where it seemed that I was 'around' when old people fell. One time a man fell in a residential intersection, just as I drove up.

Another time I came out of my front door and a lady at least 80 was sitting on the curb, looking dazed. She had been walking, fell and bumped her head, and was trying to re-orient. I talked with her a few minutes and we figured out that the best thing to do was for me to drive her home, so off we went.

Turned out she lived in an apartment with her husband. I walked her inside and made sure she was OK. Her husband was confined to a wheel chair, and was wearing a very sharp maroon bath robe. He seemed not to notice the situation. I wished them well and left.

When I get that old I either want to live in a cottage in one of my son's back yards (fenced, so I don't wander off), or if that's not available I'll just ride Amtrak non-stop for years and never get off.