Friday, August 12, 2005

Molokai #1

Took the ferry from Lahaina to Molokai. Met a guy who was hired to run a drug counseling program -- pot, alcohol, and "ice" (methamphetamine) are prevalent. The island has 7,000 people, 70% of which are on food stamps, welfare, etc.

No Ice!

Molokai does not want to sell it's island land to outsiders, and tourism is rather low. Life is slow and after a couple of days you learn to enjoy little traffic and the low activity level, and of course the lack of annoying tourists who haven't left their mainland attitudes back home.

There are a few hotels, resorts, etc. Kaunakakai is the main town. On Maui, you can pretty much jump in and snorkel. On Molokai you must go to certain places. Winds and currents affect the shorelines more.

Most of the shopping is for locals, and as such, many prices are actually less than on Maui. Kona beer, internet time, phone calling cards, and meals, are cheaper.

I had excellent food on Molokai. The "pizza" place has great food of all kinds; Dave's Ice Cream is phenomenal; the Cookhouse is supposed to be "ono", but I didn't get there. Draft Kona beer at Hotel Molokai is $3.25. The only chain restaurant is a "Subway", which I ate at twice and was very tasty.

No traffic lights, not one, on the island!