Friday, August 12, 2005

Molokai #2

I stayed in a condo called Molokai shores -- see for details. No A/C, but that is pretty standard. But lots of fans.

Down the street is Hotel Molokai, which is quaint and has an activity center, a restaurant, a bar, and live entertainment.

Dave's Ice Cream is, just, well fantastic! Stanley's has good food, lattes, and $6 an hour internet access.

Morning in Molokai

Didn't get time to explore the wild and beautiful East-end, so that will have to wait. Did go fishing with John Reich (, and caught some tuna, a barracuda, but lost a lure because something big hit our line. I recommend this guy!

Like all the islands, each has it's own flavor, it's own rhythm, and I was glad I visited!