Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Zippy" #4

After my first quarter at UC Berkeley was over I wanted to blow off a little steam, as that place is whack and I was fed up already.

Me and my homey Zippy got in the car with a bottle of Olallieberry wine, a six pack of beer, and some bottle rockets. We drove to Oakland and went to Flint's BBQ, sated our dinner pangs, and planned our next move.

We decided to cruise past Uptown Liquors, which usually had an assortment of fellows hanging out front. We slowed down to a crawl, put a bottle rocket in a paper towel tube (our aiming mechanism), lit the fuse and fired towards the front door. People scattered pretty well as they saw the flaming projectile come towards them.

We circled the block and tried it again. We had more bottle rockets but decided we shouldn't hang about. We drove to Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley looking for a good target. There was a Miller's Outpost with the usual gaggle of street people sitting about on the sidewalk, so we fired off a bottle rocket or two but I'm not sure they noticed.

Deciding it was time to leave the area, we went home. The next day I realized that fun or not, it was pretty dumb. The folks at the liquor store and on Telegraph Ave. had done nothing to me.

Too bad I didn't know where my math professors lived....