Friday, February 03, 2006


Used to have a great dog, a Golden Retriever, named Josh. He loved everyone, but since my wife and I both worked we were not home during the day and he would get out of his yard and wander. He would occassionally get get picked up by Animal Control, and each time they would charge me more to get him out of doggie jail.

This was always hard because there were so many dogs there who wanted me to take them home, but here was my Josh, always running off.

One time we took him to a beach in Marin County, which turned out to be a nude beach at one end. Since Josh liked everyone, he ran over to a couple of lesbians about 80 yards away and much to their chagrin walked on their beach blanket and disturbed their sunbathing.

Since we could never keep him home, we ended up giving him to a good home, which happened to be the parent's of Zippy's first wife. That was the last we ever saw of him, but I know he was happy, as they had a black Lab.